Under the Hood

Below is a series of essays about some of the concepts and ideas that underpin the articles in this blog. I have a number of essays on the go, and although the list is short now, I plan add a bunch of essays in the near future.

The ‘S’ Word
Why the socialist entrepreneur? Given all the negative associations that come with it, why even mention socialism when discussing worker ownership?

Isn’t ideology really divisive? Wouldn’t we be much more successful in reaching out to people if we weren’t so ideological about the cooperative movement?

The Market
Aren’t markets a problem for a worker-ownership model of socialism? Won’t free markets inevitably lead to wealth inequality even if all the firms in an economy are worker-owned? 

Outside of particle physics and advanced mathematics, very few ideas are intrinsically difficult to understand when properly explained and well exampled, so why is so much writing in the social sciences so dense and obscure?

Socialism: a definition
Socialism, in spite of all that has happened, is still an idea that can save the world, but it is also an idea that is frequently misunderstood, so to be clear, when I use the word ‘socialism’ on this blog, here is what I mean …

Cooperative nuts and bolts: minimum profit plow-back rules
Are minimum profit plow-back rules a key to success for worker-owned cooperatives? What are they and how do they work?

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